About UsWilliam le Gros

Candimama is sure to be your “Sweet Heaven in Devon”

With a breathtakingly large selection of retro favourite sweets, home-made fudge, ice cream, pick ‘n’ mix and sweetie gifts to make everyone feel like a kid in a candy shop again.

Candimama is a confectionery shop like no other, our true passion is making our much loved crumbly fudge, which with our own recipe is truly unique! We create and make new and exciting flavours regularly from scratch, so from smooth Vanilla to our ever popular Salted Caramel there is a flavour for everyone and every taste bud. Our fudge is a crumbly adventure that’ll leave your tongue happy as it simply melts in your mouth.

Here at Candimama we only make small batches regularly to insure that all the fudge is its freshest at all times for our customers. All our fudge flavours are made the old fashioned way in a large pan in a pretty old fashioned shop, we like to use natural ingredients with no Dextrose or hidden additives in sight. The main ingredients used for all our fudge flavours is Sugar, Butter, Syrup, Condensed Milk & Whole Milk.

The Candimama confectionery shop is situated on the end of the busy high street of the beautiful farmers town of Crediton in the centre of glorious green Devon. Here at Candimama we pride ourselves on the presentation, quality and high levels of customer care and are proud of our award winning window displays that make everyone feel young again.

So why not come visit us today for a sweet nostalgic trip down memory lane? If you’re far away though, don’t fret you can get all your favourites here on the website and we’ll post them too you, how great is that?