Strawberry & White Chocolate Fudge

Candimamas Own Homemade Crumbly Strawberry & White Chocolate Fudge is a Melt in your Mouth Taste Sensation that you wont want to end, A Creamy Smooth Texture Yet Crumbly at the same time, With a Scrumptious Strawberry Flavour Topped with a Delicate White Chocolate Scribble and an attractive Glaze of Real Strawberry Coulis, Strawberry & White Chocolate Fudge is an Elegant Flavour with a Heavenly Taste of Summer with every Mouthful.

Candimama Prides ourselves in our Homemade fudge, We are very Passionate about Making and creating new and exciting Flavours on a regular basis, Made Fresh Daily in a Large Pan with a Wooden Spoon and lots of imagination helps us Create What we and our Shop Customers believe to be the Best Tastiest Fudge in Devon.

“Our Magnificent Gift Wrapped Fudge Gift Boxes or Gift Bags Make the Tastiest Sweet Gift for all Occasions for everyone, With Tags and Stickers for all special Occasions Candimama has it covered”

One of the best flavours the kitchen has come out with, truly delicious ~ William, Local Free Fudge Taster

Why not treat your taste buds and purchase yourself some Strawberry and White Chocolate Fudge here