Chocolate Sports Balls

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Chocolate Sports Balls

Product Description

Chocolate Sports Balls

Everyone remembers Getting the Famous and Fabulous Chocolate Sports Ball in a Retro sweet bag whilst a child, These chocolate balls are a very popular sweetie Choice by everyone even today, Individually Wrapped little assorted sports balls, From Rugby to Golf these Tasty treats are such fun.

Smooth Chocolate Flavour that melts in your mouth and not in little hands with little help from the foil wrappers.

“Sports balls make a wonderful Tasty Chocolate Treat for Boys Birthday party and are great in any party bag!”


Contains Soya and Milk, Vegetarian Friendly.


  • Please note that quantities above 400g may not be accepted or processed, if you wish to purchase a larger quantity than a 400g then please get in touch with us through the contact us page.
  • The same item purchased in a greater quantity than one portion (100g) will be packaged in a singular bag unless we have been warned before your order has been placed.

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