Cola Sticks

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Cola Sticks

Product Description

Cola Sticks

This mouthwatering sweetie stick is cola flavoured candy and features a delicious liquorice outside coupled with a delightful cola flavoured soft fondant centre. Bursting with colour this delicious sweet is a favourite of many ages and is great for any occasion.  This unique texture is a tasttastic sensation, chewy on the outside and soft in the centre that will leave you wanting more!

Also Why not try our other delicious sticks? We have cherry and Orange to!


Contains Wheat, May contain Traces of Milk


  • Please note that quantities above 400g may not be accepted or processed, if you wish to purchase a larger quantity than a 400g then please get in touch with us through the contact us page.
  • The same item purchased in a greater quantity than one portion (100g) will be packaged in a singular bag unless we have been warned before your order has been placed.

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