Jelly Sharks

£1.25 per 100g

Jelly Sharks-  Colourful Gummy Sweets with a Maximum Fruity Flavour.

Product Description

Jelly Sharks

These Friendly Jelly Sharks are a Bright Cheerful Multi Coloured pick n mix , Packed with Fruity Flavours A popular Favourite that everyone of all ages Love, These Shark Shaped  delights are a Jelly Sweet with white tummys, Everyone will enjoy this perfect Fun Brightly Coloured Fish shaped Treat, Packed with a Fruity flavour that will leave you wanting more and more. “See if these Sharks Give you a Bite before you Bite them”,  A great traditional Pick n Mix Gummy Sweet that also works so well with our other Sweet treats Like Dolphins or Turtles, Mixed in a Cup to create a Delicious Retro sweet Combination. A Great Weekend Treat for the Whole family !

“Also Available in the Pick n mix  is Marvellous Mini Mallows and Milk Bottles for a real Fruity Sweet Trip down memory lane”


Colours E100,E120,E133,E160a


  • Please note that quantities above 400g may not be accepted or processed, if you wish to purchase a larger quantity than a 400g then please get in touch with us through the contact us page.
  • The same item purchased in a greater quantity than one portion (100g) will be packaged in a singular bag unless we have been warned before your order has been placed.

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